Why Choose Tilt-Up Panels Construction?

Why Choose Tilt-Up Panels Construction?

Why Choose Tilt-Up Panels Construction?

Tilt-Up concrete construction involves creation of the various elements of a building including structural support, columns and walls on horizontal concrete slabs and then tilting the structures to vertical positions with the help of lifting equipment such as cranes. The vertically titled columns or tilt-up concrete panels are then secured into their intended positions.

What are the benefits of Tilt-Up Constructions in Commercial Buildings?

Here is a list of a few major reasons why Tilt-Up construction is one of the most preferred building techniques employed by commercial and industrial developers around the world.

Cost Efficiency

Regardless of the scale of your commercial project, the tilt-up concrete construction guarantees considerably lower costs as compared to the traditional forms of construction. The tilt-up construction technique not only makes use of locally manufactured raw materials, but also requires smaller work force to put together the tilt-up panels swiftly. As such, building with the tilt-up technique can save you a lot in terms of both labor and raw material costs.

Shorter Construction Times

Tilt-up concrete construction has been proven to be significantly faster and more time efficient as compared to the other traditional construction methods. Since the tilt-up panels are constructed separately right on the construction site and then braced into position, it provides greater flexibility to the laborers. In addition to this, since the tilt-up panels can be made with ready mix concrete available locally, the process stays unaffected by auxiliary factors such as raw material transportation delays and such. Studies indicate, that the tilt-up construction requires as much as 30% less construction time for a building as compared to the conventional construction techniques.

Room for Future Upgrades

One of the most attractive features of the Tilt-up constructions is its versatility. Now, given the fact that Tilt-up construction makes use of pre-fabricated steel structures that are positioned separately, it is easier to move these separate panels to change the look of your commercial facility in the future. As such, this offers you the flexibility of redesigning your commercial establishment and even introducing required upgrades when the need arises. Needless to say, there are no such provisions in traditional constructions.

Unlimited Options for Custom Designing

Since they do not follow the traditional commercial construction techniques, tilt-up constructions allow you endless opportunities to create a customised commercial facility suited to your individual needs and preferences. From a wide range of adornments and wall accents to surface finishes and curvatures, tilt-up concrete construction offers you an eclectic mix of designing options for creating a commercial facility that is not only durable and highly functional, but also extremely versatile and aesthetically pleasing.

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