582 Kalinga Way, Landsdale

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Vespoli Constructions, a commercial design company in Perth has transformed the site at 582, Kalinga Way, Landsdale into a remarkable workspace. Led by a team of site managers, designers, workers and creative thinkers, Vespoli Constructions created a unique property for our client. Every aspect of the construction, right from choosing the materials, hiring the workforce to completing on time and on budget, has delighted our client at every step.

Our portfolio includes several commercial construction projects. However, each project has its own challenges and our team is always working to overcome them. At this particular project, we wanted to maximize space, inside and outside. Thus, we used lots of glass to reflect more space and natural light. Additionally, the layout resembles a modern workspace with natural elements, greenery and innovative design. The panels of orange pop up and add an element of visual attraction to the building. On a similar note, the grey extends professionalism and portrays a corporate and strong image. We’ve also added some landscaping around the construction and used lots of vertical lines for more depth and drama in the design.

Apart from our commercial design services, we also offered drafting services to our client. This reduced changes after construction began and gave our client a fair idea of what to expect. Our architects are some of the best in Perth and have a wide range of experience in designing all kinds of commercial construction. Whether you need a one-storey simple design or a complex 2-storey building with lots of features and amenities, we’re one of the most trusted construction companies in Perth.

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