Lot 359 Distinction Rd, Wangara

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  • Category: Industrial
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Commercial Construction with a Promise of Perfection

The size and location of the project gave us an opportunity to show our best skills and expertise. Located on Lot 359 Distinction Rd, Wangara, this industrial building is one of our landmark projects as industrial builders. The clever design, expert workmanship and outstanding quality make it an excellent project in our portfolio.

Vespoli Constructions specialises in tilt panel construction in Perth. It is one of the latest technologies that help us build on-site, thus saving a lot of time and money, too. With tilt-up construction, we were able to complete this project much faster compared to conventional building techniques. Not to mention, the client was happy with the lower construction costs. Plus, the uncompromised nature of our business ensures that we build every slab, corner and storey to perfection.

We created a smart grey and black building with lots of glass to reflect light inside and outside. The tinted glasses also attract customers visually and boost productivity inside industrial construction. From our commercial design to drafting services, we took every precaution to ensure that the workers and managers can effectively function in the industry. There’s also a lot of soft and hard landscaping to motivate and encourage the morale of the workforce.

Ultimately, the commercial construction enables growth, development and future changes for the client. All the diverse components of an industrial set-up come together at this industrial construction in Perth. Being one of the leading commercial builders in Perth, Western Australia, we’ve exceeded the client’s expectations and delivered exceptional results.

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