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Goodbye Monday Blues, Hello Happy Workspaces

Vespoli Constructions is one of the top construction companies, specializing in tilt-up construction in Perth. We’ve created a wide range of commercial constructions in Perth, ranging from warehouse constructions, industrial constructions to functional office and retail spaces. At Lot 365, Distinction Rd, Wangara, we’ve built a commercial property with a focus on contemporary design and a modern atmosphere.

There’s a lot of open and green spaces that greet employees and customers every morning. It boosts morale and productivity, while also welcoming customers with a positive vibe. The construction is two-storeyed, with lots of spaces for desks, storage and meeting rooms. Not to mention, there’s a place for informal interactions to facilitate a millennial work culture. The turquoise blue stands out instantly and creates a striking first impression. We’ve also kept ample spaces for car parking to avoid hassles in the future.

Using tilt-up panel construction, we were able to complete this challenging project in far less time than traditional techniques. Plus, we helped saved our clients lots of money as this is a cheaper and more reliable construction method. During the entire process, our site manager interacted with the client to understand their requirements and create a commercial design that best suits their needs. In fact, we went a step above and offered drafting services for better visualization of the final building. The construction is premium quality, using high-end materials and state-of-the-art workmanship.

Our client is especially happy with the eco-friendly and sustainable construction that will help them save on their energy bills in the future, too! As one of the dedicated Perth construction companies, we continue to delight our customers with transparent dealings and outstanding projects.

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